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Nuclear Medicines

Nuclear medicine, also known as nuclear or bone scintigraphy, entails the administration of a radiopharmaceutical that binds to bone preferentially in areas of damage or where active bone growth is occurring. This modality, when combined with diagnostic analgesia and lameness assessment, is crucial for determining the reason of lameness.

Complete Range Of Nuclear Medicine Services

  1. Bone Scans
    • Used to assess septic arthritis, osteomyelitis, subchondral disease, enthesopathy, fracture healing, and occult lameness
    • Using HDP or MDP to obtain
  2. Thyroid scintigraphy
    • Valuable for assessing our hyperthyroid individuals
    • Identify the extent of thyroid cancer.
    • Treatment with iodine for feline hyperthyroidism
  3. GFR (glomerular filtration rate)
    • Acquired as a real-time dynamic (moving) research
    • Useful for assessing kidney health before nephrectomy
    • A low-cost method to assess kidney function

Meet Professionals For Nuclear Medication

Nuclear medicine is a distinct imaging modality that falls under the diagnostic imaging category. By employing this approach, we are able to inject or orally deliver a radioactive material (radionuclide), examine the activity within the body, and provide both morphologic (form and structure) and functional information.

Nuclear Medicine