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Blood Transfusions

Sadly, there is a dearth of pet-specific blood while the demand for life-saving transfusions rises. The Devashrya Animal Hospital relies on the essential contributions of dog and cat donors to support blood donation programmes, promote the human-animal link, and save and enhance the quality of pets' lives.

Pet & Owner Benefits

In addition to giving a pet in need the gift of life, other advantages include:

  • Free initial pre-screening and yearly lab testing for as long as your pet is a blood donor participant.
  • Minimum Donor Requirements
  • Free medical examination by a qualified veterinarian at every gift to ensure a clear report on health
  • Lots of goodies and affection at each donation

Frequently Asked Questions

Additionally, because they specialize in surgery, they have the chance to carry out procedures frequently, as opposed to your family veterinarian, who has experience in a variety of medical procedures but may carry out difficult surgeries less frequently.

Blood Transfusion