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Your four-legged friend may be experiencing some sort of problem if you've observed that they have been itching a lot. You should make an appointment for your pet to be examined by your family veterinarian to determine the root cause. You should see with one of our veterinary dermatologists if the symptoms persist despite your veterinarian's treatment.

Our specialists will ascertain precisely what your pet is allergic to in order to create vaccines that are created specifically for your pet's allergies. Ask your primary care veterinarian whether speciality treatments are available in your region so you don't have to let your pet suffer for too long.

Other conditions we treat

  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune diseases, like lupus and pemphigus
  • Chronic ear infections and inflammation
  • Cysts and skin tumors
  • Hormone-related skin diseases
  • Hot spots
  • Nutrition-related skin problems
  • Skin cancer
  • Skin parasites
  • Toenail problems

How can we help?

The board-certified dermatologists conduct research, diagnose, treat, and evaluate problems that impact animals. They have also developed cutting-edge cures for allergic skin conditions, ear infections, food allergies, and other acute and chronic skin conditions that affect dogs, cats, and horses.

Our team's veterinary dermatology specialty offices offer pets and their families cutting-edge veterinary dermatology treatments as well as top-notch care and services.


Love snuggling your pet again.

The relationship between a person and a pet may suffer if you are dealing with a cat that sneezes continuously or a dog that stinks and you are unable to find any solutions. Some of the most frequent conditions that result in pets being taken to shelters are dermatological ones. See a dermatologist first before attempting that. That relationship between people and pets needs to be repaired.