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Diagnostics Endoscopy

Endoscopy is the minimally invasive evaluation of bodily regions using specialized video cameras. Endoscopy is typically carried out for diagnostic purposes, enabling the visualization and sample of abnormalities. Interventional endoscopy, on the other hand, is the term for the use of endoscopy for therapeutic purposes.

Types Of Endoscopy We Perform

At Devashrya Animal Hospital, we have experts who are highly trained and uses advanced equipment to follow proper endoscopy procedures.

  • Abdominal endoscopy
  • Lower GI tract endoscopy
  • Respiratory tract endoscopy
  • Upper GI tract endoscopy
  • Urinary and genital tract endoscopy

How can I have an endoscopic procedure performed on my pet?

Our veterinarians will examine your pet physically, go over their medical history, and then decide whether an endoscopic operation is necessary. Before pursuing endoscopy, additional diagnostic procedures or treatments can be advised. The day after the evaluation, endoscopic treatments are often carried out under general anesthesia, with the majority of patients returning home the same day.

Diagnostic Endoscopy
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